Can I use my slave hard drive free space as virtual ram?

i wanted to use my hard drive's free space as virtual ram... and was wondering if i can us my Slave hard drive's free space...


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  • I wouldn't bother with it. If you have 4 GB or more in RAM, it only improves startup time and can actually slow down the system when it comes to taking care of multiple tasks.

    I did some research on this. It's just so much better to invest in more RAM. If you can't get more RAM, get a better desktop and THEN get more RAM.

    • yeah i know that buddy but i want to know if its ok to use my slave's free space as virtual ram

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    • so what is the feature given for then?

    • For slower computers, roughly less than 2 GB worth of RAM kinda computers. Floppy drives are still an option, and why don't we use those?

  • Usually the I/O speed is not fast enough for it to be useful. You'd have to hack your system to do it anyway.

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