Why did my ex add me again?

So we broke up even if we had a great relationship. I never stopped loving her but I had to. She got so sad and mad at me that she deleted me saying "We have nothing more to say".

A week later she adds me again on Skype. And then she deleted me again.
Do you have any idea why she did that?


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  • She probably acted before thinking and then immediately regretted what she did.

    • What should I do?

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    • I think I have an answer to it. In our relationship she did the most. She asked me out, she organized our dates etc. I didn't delete her. She did while she was crying. I really like her. I wish things were different.

    • Then don't waste more of your life's time by idly sitting by and wondering about the what if's. Dude, just speak to her. What more have you got to lose?

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