Do you think young men in Syria should feel more obliged to protect their women and children?

To be clear this not really a politics question

I have a friend who is from syria originally and still has some family there. And she said she talked to her aunt the other day who was really upset about all the people, the men especially, leaving for Europe.
She said that in her village all that are left basically are women, children and elderly, all young men are heading towards Europe, often taking their families but sometimes not even that. She said many leave behind their wives. Not their children so much, but there are a lot of single women now, whose father died fighting and whose husbands either died as well or left so they have no one to take care of the

She says they just left them defensless "who will protect us?" "who will fight for us" if they all leave.
Also in koran it says you're not supposed to turn your back on your enemies or something like that, so she thinks they're all bad muslims and that they should stand their ground. And that she is very disappointed in them

And she also said that by accepting so many refugees, Europe is taking away ISIS's opposition and leaves the rest defenseless. And that she doesn't understand why Europe wouldn't have a women and children first policy with refugees

Anyways I thought it was an interesting insight into the topic and just wondering what other people think? Do you think those men should feel obligated to fight for their country?
Now I'm sure a lot of you will say Men shouldn't be the only ones who have to fight, but I don't think I have to point out that things are still a little different in syria.


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  • Men in general don't owe women in general anything, and vice versa.

    If you personally make a commitment to a particular woman to look after her, then yes you should do that, to the extent that that is possible. But, does a man owe anything to women in general? No.

    As for what Western countries' policies should be on the Syrian refugee crisis, I would say, bearing in mind that, whether we like it or not, we are at war with Islamists, Syrian refugees, or at least Syrian Muslim refugees, should be banned from entering Western countries, until the war with Islamists is over. As for winning the war, that would be easy, once one very important step is taken: the rejection of the conventional morality of altruism and the acceptance of the true morality of selfishness, followed by the replacement of our self-sacrificial foreign policies with foreign policies of rational self-interest.

    • ". But, does a man owe anything to women in general? " well like @TheGuyFromMiddleEast and I also implied in my original answer, if power is exclusively given to men, then yes they do.

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    • when were we talking about rights?

      You aske if I think men owe women in general something. And I said, where women are excluded from political offices, even voting, working, earning money, hence depending on men for everything, then yes they do

    • You don't think rights are being violated by the use of political power in Syria?

      Who's doing the excluding, though? You'd be hard-pressed to find many significantly innocent people (with the exception of children) in Syria, men or women. That's why their country is such a mess. It's certainly not a case of the oppression by men in general of women in general. It never is.

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  • i also noticed it's mostly men who appear on the footage trying to demand their way into germany and the uk. i mean i understand it's a God given right for everyone to live in western european countries but why are all the men deserting first?

    • "i mean i understand it's a God given right for everyone to live in western european " is it though?

      I think it's that women can't travel alone through the middle east really. Or at least it's way more dangerous for them. Additionally they don't have any income usually and are depended on men for that, who apparently abandoned them. Many of the women literally can't leave, the men can and they do, that's what she was complaining about

    • i think the whole situation is ridiculous. european countries are their parents?
      is it just to appeal to the world and the rest of g8? because japan is a part of g8 and we would never put up with that shit.
      yes we do care about our image but no we wouldn't let people come and take money from our government for generations.

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  • Well, they don't want to die, but I think that if they run they should take the ones they love with them. However, what if they die running away? Then they would kill everyone they love. So, the dilemma is real. We can't blame them for running, war scares and men also don't wanna die, but leaving people who can't defend themselves defenseless is a bad idea as well.

    And if you stop to think better, if you die fighting a war you'd leave them defenseless too. So, it's really a complicated situation.

  • Did Serbia run in Yugoslavia? Did Greece run in 1974 against Turkey? Did Argentina run in from Falklands? Did Algeria run in the 50's? No, no, no! They stayed and fought for their land, their homes, their families no matter the outcome!
    Syrians are cowards who come all the way to Europe for benefits and free stuff!
    The didn't seem so helpless and weak when they attacked the Hungarian police because it is the only country that closed its borders. Same in the Republic of Skopje.
    They are all cowards and hypocrites!

  • Yeah, she is absolutely right. Most of the refugees are young men, you rarely see women or elderly in them. They are supposed to take care of their family instead of leving them behind. There's no explanation for leaving your wife or children behind under any circumstances. Plus, she's right about the religion issue. Islam gives men exclusive rights, that's correct, but it also gives men intensive responsibilities. It is absolutely man's obligation to make sure his wife and family are doing okay.

    • "Islam gives men exclusive rights, that's correct," well now that's something you don't hear a lot from someone who is persumably muslim?

    • Well, yeah they try to underemphasize it in multinational grounds such as here.

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  • In Syria, since young provide for their families instead of the women, it makes sense for them to move to Europe that is taking in refugees. War also limits jobs in a country or makes it difficult. So I am guessing the poor Syrian young men are taking the visas to Europe as an opportunity for a better job to provide for their family.

  • Muslim men dont value women the way western men do they see women as property and potential rape victims. Just look at Egypt.