Is it ever too late to apologize to someo one?

I was horrible to some one I don't really know , we never met but talking online and I was horrible because I was in a bad way with myself esteem and low confidence. Just wondering if I was to meet her , if it happens would it be too late to apologize when it's been nearly 2 years?


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  • It's never too late and I'm sure they will appreciate that

    • I keep going over how and what I am going to say lol and thanks that really means a lot

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    • Yes because I feel so bad and its been nearly 2 years and I don't like to thank that she thinks I am a horrible person because I am far from that

    • What about you already tried to apologize when it happened? This was 2 years ago so the dust has settled if I do apologies in person it will show the decency I have

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