What is the best way to find new websites on the internet?

I feel like most of us are living in bubbles of websites in this vast internet. I want to explore more sites, not just the regular media streaming sites and the popular social media sites. GAG is an example of an incidental visit from browsing through web for me. So what do you GAGers do/use to find/explore new websites?


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  • stumbleupon. com. it´s made for that.

    • Does it guarantee that the sites are safe (no sexually explicit content, drugs, violence, virus traps, etc.)?

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    • Looks like I found something to work on, for future. (making interactive website directory) xD
      I'll look into other options (I'm not keen on joining SU) and if I find something I'll update the question.

    • yeah sure :) good luck.

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  • Surfing, following links on other sites. Just be cautious , empty your cache several times a day and be ready to clean up some mess. I once got a virus on the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce site.

  • learn to make your own

  • Visit tech sites often.

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