Why do I keep running into guy's that are not bringing anything to my life or either that's crazy?

Can anyone tell me why. I keep running into these broke down good for nothing type of guy's. Like I'll explain, some guy's are actually into me, some just want to play silly damn ass mind game's, some are not sure about what they want from me or either know what they want out of life for themselves, other's just want to hook up and try to make me there booty call, and some just are jobless with nothing at all. But most of the time I always end up with the guy's that are either they have job's but can't really give me anything. Or the ones that are not the guys that are good for me and the only thing they want is just sex. Like mu friends with benefits person I really do like him, but it seems like all he really comes around for or hit me up is just to FUCK smh. I did have a chance with him like 2014 but I blow it but he is a bit controlling like in a way. So yeah. But point is, all I'm just saying why am I keep liking or meeting guys that are not right for me? :(


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  • Stop dating boys and start dating men. Oh, and they might be a bit older than you are used to.

    • Yeah most if them are about my age or older. But I have deal with guys that were or is younger then me. And how do I actaully meet real guys and not lol punk boys

    • There are millions of more men to meet on internet dating sites than there are in your everyday life. If 99% of them are no good, think of how much faster to find a good one when you have millions to choose from. It really does work.

    • Well I guess I'm really not looking for a boyfriend at the moment. But in time I do want a good guy someone that's not going to bs or waste my time nor energy.

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