Is this considered sexual harassment?

this boy in my grade is spreading lies about my friend Zoe. he's saying stuff like "guess who i fucked last weekend" and making her look promiscuous. at least 10 people have heard the rumors by now. i heard him talking about it today after school. and apparently he also messaged one of my friends, jeremy about it on facebook today. Zoe says she never did anything with him. she's so sweet and i want to know if this would be considered sexual harrassment? my school said if students encounter sexual harrassment they can report it.

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  • The thing about sexual harassment is that it is defined by the one who it is directed at.

    If she does not feel sexually harassed by his statements then it's not. If she does, then it is. I would feel harassed. I would consider it sexual harassment. But again, it's up to the target to determine if it is or not.


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  • this boy is a sphincter.


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  • I don't think it's sexual harassment since it's just a rumor but you should still report it to the principal and see what can be done about it

    • well if its not sexual harassment then she can't report anything

    • She can say that the kid is bullying her or just spreading rumors. It's worth a try to see if something will be done

  • It is indeed sexual harassment

    • I'm getting mixed answers. i don't know if she can still report it.

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    • Your eyes Are cool

    • Well thank you

  • No. If he knows it's false then it's defamation

    • ok then i guess she can't do anything.

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