My G@G birthday is coming up soon. Who's gonna be there to wish me a happy G@G birthday when the time comes?

Man, a full year on G@G. Crazy. I still remember some of my first questions. I remember my first profile picture too.

Good ol' days! :')

Have fun with the poll. I'm not taking anything personally! :P

  • I will!
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  • I won't, creep!
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  • Eh, we'll see.
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  • *Ahem* Who are you exactly?
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  • Bacon.
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  • Screw off, kid.
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  • MMMEEE!!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Congrats with being on GAG for a year, dear, and hopefully still counting another Next year as well, @2014raser. Time sure does fly by, and myself having been here for Nearly Two years as of January 1 2016, it's hard to believe where the time has gone.
    Happy Birthday and many more in store. Do as you have been doing here, have fun in the sun with everyone and keep up the Good work.
    Good luck. xx


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