Never been married, can't keep a man. Is there something wrong with me?

I'm 27 years old, never been married, can't keep a man... im to the point i give up on love. been burned too many times... all the men I've been with have left me... im such a sweet woman and im so loyal, honest, faithful, loving, supportive etc. i just dont understand. im starting to think its me. I've given up everything. even myself. i just dont think the fight is worth it anymore.
is there something wrong with me?


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  • Well as somone slighty older = 30 I know the pain and frustration. Only I've never been married and barren 😕😟I understand you blaming yourself but its not always the case. I believe its something wrong with me, but I also beleive in destiny. We all have flaws why are mine not excepted but the next womans are.. I don't know. We are alike in many ways.. girl I feel you.
    I disagree with the previous comments saying you need to lose weight. Its not your weight big is in... Your big and beautiful.. Hell I wish I was.. But this is where I'm at I have given up on love and came to the conclusion. I'm just meant to be alone. Although I may be cursed in the men dept in my opinion. I can offer others who don't have the same destiny advice.. men come and go but the right one will stay around. At the end of the day you can only be yourself. If you are not happy with your weight than, I'd advice you to do something about it. Also its slim picking out ther for single women. These men today are something else, its a shamr. They also dont want to commit because of the ton load of vagina thats thrown at them. You are not 30 yet.. try to Switch up where you meet guys. Try different hang outs. But naturally just be you doll. Your man is out there you may be looking in wrong places. Start focusing on your needs instead of those mens needs. Its you than them remember that.. if u want to further talk message me.

    • So pleased you took the time to type this :-)
      I actually had a lump in my throat as I read it.
      To the lady who is the 'asker' please take note of this its really really good advice

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  • ... it's because you're over weight.

  • I don't want to sound harsh but you are over weight, then you start saying you are giving up on life and love. It sounds as if you have serious self esteem issues and not enough character.

    What you need to do is start taking care of your health, lose weight, read and start travelling. Go out, meet people. Have all these experiences while you actually start working on yourself, then you'll start living...

  • How often do you go through men?
    Maybe they were not realy your men in the first place? We're they just men that were with you for sex ? Just came for sex daily and got bored and moved on to the next? Or stuck around until the next popped up?

    Just a hunch but I feel you would have sex with any guy right away because you are a little desperate and you had hoped they would stick around?
    A lot of guys seek bigger girls because they know how desperate they are and they have sex the first time getting together.

    These bigger girls think a guy will stick around if they are getting action.

    What is the longest you were with any one man in a relationship? Did you date these guys for very long before sex? Did you date at all? Or just go out and end up just having sex the first night.

    The way to get a man is not sex. They seek woman and view sex as a challange. Once they get in there the challange is over. They now take it for granted and move to the next challange.

    I think that is what's going on through experiance. I could be wrong but honestly , the way you wrote comments it speaks desperation.
    Are you out going when you have a bf? And do things together or just lazy. Have sex and laze around with no ambition to do what cpls do together ?
    Like a few said below , there are special types of men into bbw woman so you just need to find a keeper that isn't just wanting to fulfill a fantasy fetish of sex with a desperate lonley easy horny BBW wit low self esteem that doesn't care about anything so long as she knows spreading her legs will get her the company of a man even if it's only for a cpl hours. There's lots of men out there

  • its probably because you're overweight. They may see you as like an easy lay, believing (maybe correctly?) that you are giving off somewhat desperate vibes which make you much easier to land than other women. I'm just speculating because i dont know you, but one thing i can see right off the bat is your weight, and to be frank, it does stand out. I don't say any of that to be mean. I myself have my own issues with attracting women... but your problem seems fairly straightforward and simple. if your personality is as good as you say, then all you really need to do is this one thing, which is to loose weight. Whether you like it or not, guys are very visual, and are attracted to what they see. It's key for girls to look their best if they seek male attention. It's really as simple as that.

    I mean, looking at the answer you chose to make most helpful answer kinda tells me that you're looking for people to tell you what you want to hear, versus what you need to hear. Not slamming all of her advice, because some of it is alright... but she told you that " Its not your weight big is in". Where exactly is it "in" and how many people are realistically part of this club? And amongst the guys who are in this club, how many of them are guys that women generally tend to desire and want? Be careful with the advice/delusions you choose to follow... that's all im saying. Some deductive reasoning should tell you that if your personality is as fine as you say, the only other problem has to be something physical. Guys aren't just ditching you/not noticing you for shits and giggles. All people are unique, but all people are not conventionally beautiful. It's often something you have to work at to achieve

    • Big is in everywhere unless your living under a rock. I don't know where you live at but its all over.. So

  • You just have to find a guy who is into bigger women.

  • despite the other comments its nothing to do with your weight.
    I've gotta admit I'm a bit worried about your comments...'I've given up everything, even myself' and 'I just don't think the fight is worth it anymore' ;(

  • You should smile more.


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  • I def know that feel :/

    You just haven't found the right guy yet. That's not a personal failing. It's just the way things work out sometimes. Do things for *YOU*. Then even if the dude loses out, you still have a ton of cool things going for you :)

  • You're independent as hell, a different kind of strong. Maybe it is you, or maybe it's the type of men you're drawn to- either way, I truly believe genuine love and partnership comes when you stop looking for it, or trying to force it. It comes when you use all that energy and fight to grow yourself. Thats how it has been in my case anyway.

  • Your weight is not problem. There are many overweight women in happy successful relationships. I think the problem is you keep on going after the wrong men.

  • Fuck. No. Your weight doesn't define your love life. You've just met all the wrong guys in your life.

  • You need to lose weight, to be honest.

    • ... you should teach her how to do some squats lol since you feel the need to post a video of you doing them.

    • You look pretty but your weight is hindering you.

    • @NotMyUsername15 she doesn't need to worry about squats right now. Working on lowering the weight a bit to raise some self confidence.

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