Are there alien megastructures in orbit around star KIC 8462852?

Well this is kind of interesting.

There's something around KIC 8462852. Could be a cloud of comets close to the star. Could be the aftermath of some relatively recent, massive planetary impact (similar to planet Theia's theorized collision with Earth, producing our moon). Or it could be that the Kepler Space Telescope's detectors were just malfunctioning (repeatedly, with this star but none of the other 150,000 being analyzed).

HOWEVER. The thing around KIC 8462852 could also be enormous, created structures in the star's orbit so large that they dim its light periodically.

I mean seriously. Ain't that kinda cool?


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  • That is more than just cool... I hope they figure out what it is soon! And balls to the guy kissing on your bonfire, I mean who cares if it's so far away we can't speak to them... if we were talking about alien life does he really think distance would put a damper on the discovery of the millennium? Pfft... whatever it is the fact that we can spot off things so far away is cool as hell... now to find out about this moon creation business...

    • You know, I was trying to think of an event in human history which would be comparable to a discovery of alien intelligence, and I'm coming up with. . . I don't know, controlling fire? Inventing the wheel? Steam power? There's sort of nothing in its class. The moon landing? I think it's a bit bigger than that. Nothing would ever be the same again. Knowing we have company in the universe would have an amazing effect on people's engagement with science. More than cool is right. :)

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    • Maybe I shouldn't be surprised more people didn't respond? I mean I know my question wasn't relationship- or sex-related, but come on--the best chance we've ever had at detecting an actual alien civilization? I kind of thought there might be a bit of interest. Then again, on America's best TV news program, the two hosts, who are whip smart, obviously know zip about anything to do with science, and they're two of the country's thought leaders. Shame that science doesn't command more widespread engagement and respect. Know what I mean? :)

    • Trust me, I feel your annoyance! I've posted questions similar and got barely one response, then you see a real stupid question getting 100+ answers. If it's any consolation you've got my friend extremely interested in it, we were discussing it just last night when I went to visit her, so at the very least you've got two people talking about it :)

      Sometimes you have to accept the fact a lot of people just aren't that curious about the universe. Too busy measuring their penises ;)

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  • It doesn't even matter.
    Not that you can travel there if there was any life on that planet.
    Nor can you shout "Hey, aliens, whatchya doing?" and call them here.
    The probablity that there is at least one other planet in the universe where life exists is 99.99%
    So, not like it would be a big deal if we found that there are living creatures around the orbit of that star. We would just be filling the 0.01%

    The astronomy that we know today is at a halt, and this can only be broken once we know how to overcome the speed barrier ie. speed of light.
    Black hole theory is a start. We still have a long way to go before we can make any meaningful research in terms of ext. life.

    • Fortunately astronomy is not at a halt. :) Regarding a discovery of extraterrestrial life, though, it's interesting to hear from someone that it's "not like it would be a big deal."