What can I charge in London for freelance work?

I recently graduated from art school and just got my first freelance job for a client in London.
I have no idea how much I am allowed to charge per hour. I am designing a Logo for them. It was about 4-5 hrs of work. What can I charge them?


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  • Be sure to discuss the price in advance next time. :) That's important. That's the only way to know what you CAN charge.

    If you've already done the work then the question is quite different. I'd say £30 per hour? 150 quid total? Go up or down from there as you feel appropriate. :)

    • Hey! Thanks for your reply:-)

      Unfortunately I didn't set a price before I started the work. Silly of me...
      I charged them £200 and now they are saying the maximum they will pay is £100 or they won't use the logo.

    • Personally I'd be tempted to tell em to sod off, and just consider this a lesson learned, unless you think that this experience (and/or line on your resume, page in your notebook) will lead to other work.

      But if you think 100 quid is decent compensation, and you need the cash, take it. :)

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