Honestly were the late 80's better than now?

Well I can't tell how the late 80's were like towards the dating and relationship world. I was born in 1987 so no way to know besides reading articles online.

I'm wondering but on this site and others, I'm seeing more labels, no complains and more gender wars. I don't think it got to this extreme when I graduated from HS in 2005.

So yes, how were things when I was born?

But looks like even when I was kid (late 90's)... it might have been the beginning of when things would get rocky and PUA would appear.
more complains


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  • i also feel things were better back then

    • yeah, there was no such thing as MGTOW (I had to even search that world last year) nor the growing obsession of how to be an alpha man. It looks like things got worse starting somewhere in the late 90's and then again after 2005-

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