How to make life less boring?

My life is so boring and I can't change it since I'm not in control (age 14, the law thinks I'm too retarded to make my own decisions and only recognizes me as a property of my parents who don't let me do anything bc they love me.). Ever since school started, it's going like:


force yourself to get out of bed
go through 8 hours of hell
go home
sit on the same couch
eat the same food and snacks

repeat 4 times



This routine is forced upon me. I love my country but I can't go to protests bc my mom is afraid I'll die (which is a possibility TBH.). I'm not "allowed" (I hate this word) to get out of Avcilar (I'm from Istanbul, it's a gorgeous city but Avcilar is a fishing-village-turned-semt-of-500,000 boring place compared to historical parts like Taksim where the fun happens.). I know my neighborhood like the back of my hand, I always go to the same damn places. I mean, I used to. I don't go out now, I just collapse on the couch when back from school. And I don't wanna sleep except for Fridays bc I don't want the next day to come.

I'm not suicidal or something, but I don't wanna live like this until I turn 18 and magically become a real person. That's my whole teenage years wasted. I realize over 18's have responsibilities and shit and it kinda freaks me out too (saying this bc some people tend to miss the point and say "dont try to grow up quicklyyyy!!!") but living like this isn't easy either. Living under another person's rule.

I also have no real friends in school (only superficial acquaintances) and I'm in the closet (bisexual) bc I know they won't take it well. People always thought I'm weird back in middle school and I don't want to have it happen here too, but that doesn't feel possible. I feel lonely.


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  • If you're tired of doing the same things all the time then do something about it. Join a club or a sports team. Take up a hobby. Mix up your snacks. Learn to cook. Take some random art class or something. Tired of going to the same places? Find new ones. Meet friends and hang out with them. Try and be positive instead of looking at your life like a glass half empty.

    • There are NO new places opening nearby.