How am I supposed to handle this annoying af teacher?

So after school there's this teacher that roams the halls to make sure no student is. Everytime I walk past her she rolls her eyes. Just now I was looking for my Chapstick and since my aunt works at my school she doesn't say anything about me roaming. But anyways, I was looking for my Chapstick and she offered everyone in the hall something except me them when I looked at her she said " I'm not giving you none" and I was like I didn't ask ( I didn't really say that) but she's rude to me almost everyday. She's so freaking annoying and it gets on my last nerves. I can't handle it anymore because I don't have a very good temper. But what can I do so that I won't get in trouble?


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  • Every person in the world has to learn at some point that there will be people who you can't stand that you have to deal civilly with. You may have a co-worker, who drives you nuts, or a teacher who is rude. There is no such thing as a constitutional right to never be offended or insulted. In fact, if you constantly complain about how badly people treat you, you will find that you are the one in trouble.

    I suggest going to They have a lot of advice on how to work with people you hate. Most the suggestion will work for a teacher.


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  • Act as if she doesn't exist.
    When I dislike someone that strongly, I don't even look in their direction.
    I put my head straight, and walk past them every day.
    They can "feel" with just my presence that their strongly disliked.
    That's enough satisfaction for me.
    Realistically, in life there will be a lot of people that are rude and rub you the wrong way.
    You cannot arise to every challenge and make it a battle.
    You have to pick and choose them.
    This is a battle you won't win and will only make more ugly for yourself.
    I'd swallow my pride, put my head held on and forward, and walk past her every day.
    The test of your strength is to not let someone get to you.

    Don't get me wrong... there will come a time when you have to fight.
    But that isn't now.