Why am I that lazy?

Like I get really lazy and it's affecting my life but I get really lazy what should I do?


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  • There are some aerobic dance videos on YouTube. Those somehow makes me more active.

    Check some out.

    As for the friends thing,

    I get lazy too, so my friends doesn't hang up until I get ready and meet them.

    You could tell your friends to do that for you.


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  • You're not the only one, being lazy isn't a bad thing unless it stops you from doing everything.

    • It doesn't affect me like in something serious but I might don't see my friends coz I am too lazy that day is that normal?

    • Everyone has lazy days where they don't feel like doing anything, some people just have them more than others.

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  • Uh! brother, you're not alone, but I'd say it's psychological more than physical, what's up on your mind?

  • same here...

  • Stop being lazy, that's what you should do!
    But seriously find a purpose or something to motivate you. Maybe a job or a hobby?

    • In my mind I would say " too much work " how can I stop this I can't just stop being lazy coz in my mind I would say " too much work "

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    • @lola2500cobalt ya Salam ahlan wasahlan

    • Ohhh! eih el tasbeet dah ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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