I decide to be confident at the wrong time?

I know what most people thinking right now by the title. How can you decide to be confident? I thought you are confident or you're not? It is very possible to decide on if you want to be confident. But, this is very embarassing for me because I hate how when I answer a question confidently, I ultimately get it wrong. When, I want to speak confidently, I end up stuttering and completely fuck up. What's wrong with me?


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  • Being confident isn't about attaining perfection or about being right all of the time.

    You can be confident and admit to your flaws and your wrongs. A confident person knows there's room for errors and mistakes. They don't beat themselves up because they know it's okay and a part of life.

    Being confident isn't turned on or off like a light switch. It's something that takes time and effort. You have to work on it.
    It isn't like a mood that comes and goes.
    It's always with you even when you're down.
    Being confident is about acknowledging your imperfections that can't be changed and accepting them. It's also about being proud of your accomplishments and working towards greater.
    It's a generally "feel good" "self acceptance" feeling that comes from within. It's a feeling that someone else can only heighten by praising you and completing you. But initially, it's not a feeling you gain from others. It's first gained from within and further extended by those around you.


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