How would you feel if your punch is missed or blocked and the person knows self-defense?

Stupid butch of a girl tried to pulled that. Thankfully, my mentors long prepared me and was able to deflect it. She looked confused (had a ''huh'' expression'') and asked how I did that, before walking away fast.

Actually, I'm able to response to an upcoming hit, whether it's from a girl or guy. I tried to stay in low profile however and no one really knows it unless I had to defend myself.


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  • Nice I like this I am a former Boxer I was very good at it

    • Already heard she swung at someone else before. She's lucky she left quickly, otherwise it wouldn't have ended well for her. Once someone tries punching me, that's already a fight they're looking for.

    • I bet you can kick butt and takes names

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