Am I doing anything wrong in befriending this guy?

I will fully admit that the idea of a relationship with this guy is highly attractive to me. And I'm the type of person who tends to get to know the person first before I would even consider dating/relationship.

That being said, I LEGIT want to get to know this guy. He's uber nice and from what I can tell (from my limited interactions) seems just an overall good guy. He's seems shy yet very kind to people.

To me, he's more than an acquiantance but short of a friend.

Now I have his number - gave mine to him first and he texted his; I've added him on Facebook and followed him on Instagram. Communication options are not lacking. But I want to actually get to know him face-to-face. It's more personal that way in my opinion, instead of relaying words over a screen.

I've asked him when he has free time (cause he's a very busy guy) and he's all vague about it, saying he doesn't have much, which I'm quite aware of. And anytime I try to get specifics - even just a generalization... put it this way, one would have more luck with a brick wall...
I have NO idea what I'm doing wrong. I see absolutely nothing wrong with trying to be friends. I'm a patient person, as a rule, but my patience is slowly wearing thin.

Oh, I should add that I may have said to him one time that I like him... I wasn't thinking straight at the time (and no, I was sober).
AND (last detail), he has said to me on a couple times that I'm a very nice and loving girl...

One thing I forgot to mention is that he has said to me that any time I need anyone to talk to that he would be there. Thing is I don't know him well enough to do that (I don't consider him as like a close friend); one reason why I want to be friends with him...

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong: I thought guys liked it when a girl shows initiative in anything...


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  • I can understand it seems like certain things about him and especially his communication level is not very good with you, meaning not replying to your texts, not giving proper straightforward replies and so on, am I right? I think these things are testing your patience, he maybe a nice guy but then such a lack of communication skills is not an attractive quality. Hence I would say you shouldn't be friends with this guy because your patience will be further tested and that will annoy you even more.

    Have I understood your post correctly? let me know?

    • Yeah, you got the gist of it. He's even said so himself he's not good with communication in the past, yet I know he can communicate otherwise he wouldn't have friends and certainly wouldn't have gotten a girlfriend (but he is single now, which at this point doesn't make a difference to me).
      And I have a habit (not sure if it's a bad one) of when I want to be friends with someone, I do anything I can to make that happen, even it hurts me. I'm not known to walk away (and I tried in this case but for some reason I can't).

  • You did right by telling him you like him but it doesn't sound like he reciprocates

    • Even for just friends? Cause I'm totally okay with being just friends: I don't have a problem with that.

    • I would think that if he wanted to just be friends he would've said something

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