How to get rich?

I really need financial freedome. how to do that? any ideas?


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  • Are you studying? Do you plan to?


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  • Tips: Live cheap; save your money; spend carefully; live honorably.

    A life lived with wealth acquisition at its core is a sad, pitiable existence. So don't do that. :)

    But financial freedom and a life of honor can quite easily coexist.

    Good luck.

    • how to get capital? tostart businesses? which business is the most convenient? how to be a creative?

    • Those are important questions but not really logical follow-ons from the advice I gave you. :)

      Only you can know how you might acquire capital. Start job-hunting. Maybe you could teach physics as an assistant at your school. At a minimum you could work as tutor for younger people. Or you could do something else.

      How you start a business will depend to some extent on the laws and protocols in your country. Try reading about this online or checking out a locally produced book about it from your library. Beyond that, develop a product or service which people will pay for. This will depend very much on your location and your own expertise.

      Which business is most "convenient" depends on many factors, all of which are very location- and person-specific.

      If you can think of a creative job to have, and if you're good at it, then you're a creative. :) I'm not sure someone can be taught "how" to be "a creative." :)

      Good luck.

  • Investing is the best path to prosperity, but pay off your debt first.