In the Titanic movie, didn't the fiance deserved to be spat in his face?

He was kind of detestable and seemed controlling (ex: the table flipping scene); also it's clearly she didn't want to marry. Though, I wouldn't cheat on him... I would have done the same thing Rose did in the end; express my full hatred and disrespect towards him by spitting in his face.

In order for me to do that... I would really have to truly hate you. Haven't ever gotten to that level.

And well in order for me to really hate you... you would have to have truly done me wrong and make yourself hateful.


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  • She was kind of a spoiled bitch. I wouldn't have given her my place in the lifeboat.

    • and practically forcing someone to marry you and being controlling isn't being a jerk? She didn't want to go in the lifeboat with him anyway.
      Grabbing her and not letting her go; more of a reason to be spat on.

    • They were both jerks. They deserved each other.

    • or it can be that she was standing up for herself at a year where a woman practically had no rights to ever say no and barely work

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  • I do not think I would spit in anyone's face, but he was a jerk, indeed. He deserved to be left as she was not in love with him.


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  • I don't know, I wouldn't spit on someone's face.

    • Normally it's not right but I can see why she spat on Cal, esp when he was still grabbing her and not letting her. She was basically saying ''I had enough, you're a disgusting POS''.

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