How to help some one in an abusive relationship?

so i have a friend that is a guy who is being phisically abused by his wife. She is quite violent trowing stuff at him, stabing him with silverwear, hitting him. One day he had internal bleeding and i told him he needs to leave or she may end up killing him. but he uses all the excuses in the book like her parents hit her, i don't know if she knows it hurts me, but i love her... i decided to told him to tell her she is injuring him. he won't leave and ifnothing is changing then i feel like i shoul get law enforcment involed, i just feel like i mat not be theor friend after that though.


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  • Holy hell.. I've been in an abusive relationship before but it was never that bad. It was verbally abusive with some breaking of objects around me. It took me a while to realize how fucking sick the relationship made me. I made excuses for her before that and I totally regret that now but I had to come to terms with that on my own. He will have to figure that out too.


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  • Unfortunately with abuse, there's not much you can do as a third party. You can try to keep convincing him that what she's doing is wrong and not something that should happen in a normal relationship. But since he's blinded by his love for her, he will keep making up excuse after excuse. Not just to you but to himself as well. You could try sending him links to pages that are about abuse, like what signs to look for to realize you're in an abusive relationship. Maybe he'll realize that it's much more serious than he thinks if he can actually check things off a list without making excuses. But if he's not ready to face the truth, nothing will make him leave.


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  • Let him die. What he does is actually suicide.


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  • You can't help unless he realizes the problem himself

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