If your country suck at a sport, would you still even watch it?

Though, I'm originally from South America; my country sucks at soccer (it's a country that hasn't even qualified for the Fifa World Cup since the early 80's; before I was even born) and nope, I don't like watching another worthless game of them losing again. I have long stopped caring to watch their game from ages.

Honestly, I would like Netherlands to win the 2018 World Cup. They worked hard and apparently have bad luck right at the end. Still, seems like they deserve it.

Yet, a couple relatives and my parents still get excited when our country plays soccer. LOL


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  • Since I'm Brazilian, I mostly watch soccer, I don't care much for other sports unless it's Olympics time or if it's an important match. Our TV almost only shows soccer anyway, so I watch at least 2 matches a week.

    And of course I want Brazil to win the world cup, but according the poor soccer we're playing now since that terrible match against Germany, I seriously doubt it. People here don't trust our team anymore.

    • True, they're going down in quality. That 7-1 was beyond humiliating (nothing like a normal 2-1 where you tried your best but lost).

      Most of the times I'm too realistic when I don't see they're going to win and tell it straight forward that nope, they won't win. If I'm not mistaken in that horrible match, even certain Brazilian fans on the stadium were beginning to root for the Germany team.

    • Yes, this happened, Germany deserved to be worshiped after what they did. It's still hard to accept what happened and our team is clearly not the same since that match. We lost for Paraguay in Copa América, we were defeated by Chile last Thursday and next month we'll play against Argentina, I hope Messi isn't there or I'm afraid that we won't win again.

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  • I'm English & I always get excited about the World Cup. Even though I knew England wouldn't do very well at it. Last year we got knocked out at the group stages butI still enjoyed the rest of the tournament.

    Next year is the European Championships in France. England are unlikely to win it but I expect us to do better this time and will be really excited about the tournament.

    Good luck on supporting Netherlands in 2018. They failed to qualify for the Euros so they seem to have gotten a lot worse since the World Cup


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  • I know what football means to south Americans they breath football, they love it, but i would have supported if my country sucked, by the way people ask me why i support my fav football club. but i think it's like a blind love i support them both hard and good times


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