Hello! Newbie here. Anyone want to be friends?

I am open to all interests. I personally like talking about food and life. If you're into that stuff feel free to talk! :3 :3


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  • Here's what to expect on gag
    1.) rate me questions
    2.) wiener questions ( is 6 inches too small)
    3.) my boyfriend and I did "such a such" (am I pregnant)
    4.) am I too skinny?
    5.) people fishing for compliments
    6.) a few catfishes
    7.) a few nice people (you'll make friends :) )
    8.) Overall gag can be a doozy.

    • Thanks mate! You were helpful and to the point.. Let me give you that MHO now.. :3 :3

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    • @Dave20153 Now im sure u just scanned through my whole profile! XD Busted!!

    • Yeah, I do that with everyone who goes I anonymous, see what kind of crap they put out there

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