Conscious dream: have you ever experienced one?

if you had, how did you know you were having a “Lucid dream”?
Please, feel free to share your experiences about lucid dreams.


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  • Yes, I have them now and then. Maybe 1-2 lucid dreams per month. But I never actively attempted to "learn" how to dream lucidly, it just happens.
    It feels nice but to me personally, it's not something super special because I've had many of them before. I just realize that I'm dreaming and sometimes I decide to take control of my dream (sometimes i don't). One thing that can be a little tricky sometimes is to not wake up from realizing that I'm sleeping and dreaming. Once you realize you're dreaming, the step to waking up is a small one (which can also be nice because it's easy to wake up in case the dream happens to be a bad one).


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  • Yea I've had a lot. I went through a phase of learning how to do it, but I stopped since it actually takes work to achieve it and I never achieved the mastery of controlling my dreams. I still get them every now and then, but it's not "planned" and happens sparingly. My favorite lucid dream was when I was hang-gliding over an increadible landscape. I was so overjoyed and it was without a doubt the most vivid lucid dream I've ever had. It was as close to reality as possible.

    • "it actually takes work to achieve it" can you explain it? Thanks.

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    • Also there's another method of going through sleep paralysis and even though I can have sleep paralysis any night I choose to (suffered with it for years in my teenage years, basically every aingle night) it doesn't work well for me for some odd reason.

    • Thanks again, your opinions will be very helpful.
      I guess I already had my first. That’s why I posted this question. It was a kind of strange dream, but good : )

  • A lucid dream seems scary! I'm glad that I haven't experienced it 'yet'! :P