Is the name Josef pronounced same as the name 'Joseph'?


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  • Depends if the name "Josef" exists as an English name. I only know it from other languages such as German...

    • Yeah it's German, so is it pronounced the same way?

    • No, in German it's not pronounced the same way. We don't have the sound of the English "J" in German (well, technically we do but it's very, very rare). Instead, the German "J" is pronounced like the English "Y". So it's basically like "Yoseph" (that's how an English speaker would spell it). Also, note that the German "o" sounds a bit different the English one. The English (RP) or general American "o" is in most cases a combination of "o" and "u". You spell the name "Joseph" but what people actually say is more something like "Jo-oo-seph". In German, the vowel "o" is really a single o-sound, like in Scottish or Irish, not a diphthong.

    • Oh I get it, thank you very much.

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  • Well Joseph is pronounced using the J in the word whereas the other word is Spanish or something so it's like osef when spoken if that makes sense. As Joseph is an English spelling an the other one is Spanish for the name Josef


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  • No.. Josef is pronounced like Yo! Seph!
    And Joseph is like Joe! Seph!