Describe to me your perfect home?

mine would include: a greenhouse, apple and peach orchard, a sound proof reading nook with bookshelves filled with books, a big kitchen, a made at home movie theater, big mirror from roof to floor, hidden room, life size TARDIS replica, and treehouse. As you can see i am reaching for the stars good thing i plan on being a dental hygienist and they make damn good money. i almost forgot my home has to be way out in the sticks because i dont like living in the city

describe to me your perfect home?

maybe not this big but its a start


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  • A medium sized house in the country with a large kitchen and a dining table that fits 20 people. Book shelves for all my books, a fire place and an environment that is filled euphoric memories.


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  • A small room. With a comfy bed.

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