Why can't I handle a group conversation?

I'm a nice enough person. im not completely anti social but on the other hand im not that bubbly either. i get along with most people and i know how to carry out a conversation and i take an interest in people and their stories. so why is it that everytime im in a group conversation especially involving 3 people im always the quietest one? i do try to comment and share things relevant to the conversation but it feels like no one is interested in what i have to say because they either keep talking over me or not comment or react at all when i do say something. i then just give up and listen. so do you think im boring or at least why does this always happen to me? (may i also add that when im alone with these same people the conversation goes on and on and we can get very talkative and have a few laughs and bond)


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  • you can't find something to say