Skype translator?

Just noticed earlier that Skype has added a translater to it. Has anyone else noticed it if so what do you think?

(mini rant) So far my thoughts on it is I'm annoyed with the portuguese translation. My boyfriend is portuguese but the translation is in brazilian. I had my hopes up that I could have fun with it and having what i said translated to european portuguese. Aparently that isn't going to happen since it's brazilian and now it's not as much fun. :(

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  • Same issue with the language I want to use.
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  • They should fix their fucking app before adding more features... that's my opinion <_<


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  • I don't use Skype. I get why you're annoyed with the Portuguese translation.
    Brazilian Portuguese is a little bit different from European Portuguese, so some things don't make sense on European Portuguese and vice versa.
    I've noticed that the majority of sites are translated in Portuguese from Brazil, even GAG has a Brazilian version.
    I guess you have to be patient and ignore the differences.

    • Thank you for the MHO :)

      It stills the same?

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    • That and I figured most find that Brazilian is easier from what I hear. That and I guess there are more Brazilian speakers than Portuguese ones. :(

    • It might be easier, but some things are wrong.
      That's true, Brazil is big country, so there's more people there than here.

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  • But Brazilian Portuguese is so much more awesome than the one from Portugal xD (OK, I'm saying that because I'm Brazilian). Don't you have an option to change it? Since the accent changes a lot they should have two options, Brazilian Portuguese is not even unique inside our own country, it was a huge mistake did.

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    • I hope they do. Which they did the same with Spanish as well. I haven't really tried that one but it's probably Spanish that is spoken in mexico/south america. Instead of Spanish that Spaniards speak. Same with french which it's probably more of the one spoken in France than Canadian french.

    • Yeah, probably the same thing happens with other languages too.

  • "(mini rant)" lol 😂

    well since its a new feature there are going to be bugs to work out.

  • I didn't even knew that their is a difference between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, I knew that both countries have Portuguese speaking population


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  • I don't use Skype..