I've got a big ___________?

I've got a big foot, IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN


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  • wall of text for you: My parents put Grandma Rosie in a home when she started to “lose her grasp on reality,” they said. I still found it cruel. But she seemed content. Content enough, I guess.

    I remember visiting her. She had an old, wooden rocking chair that faced the window. Outside was nothing but flat, fields of green. The green would eventually fade, and when it snowed it was carpets of white for miles and miles. I’m not sure which season Grandma Rosie liked the most. She didn’t do a lot of talking. She mainly listened to her radio, and always one station: 89.1.

    But 89.1 never had a signal. It was always static. Grandma Rosie listened to this static, all day, seemingly waiting out her life. No one could reach her.

    I visited one day to drop off a box of chocolates. Grandma Rosie rocked slowly in her chair with large headphones over her ears, staring out the window, watching the snowfall. I couldn’t tell if she knew I was there. I walked over and placed the chocolates on a small table, and her hand suddenly reached across and snatched my wrist.

    “Shhh,” she whispered. “Listen.”

    Grandma Rosie leaned in close, and I put my ear to hers. I lifted up the cup of her headphone and listened. There was only static.

    I was about to speak, but she covered my mouth with her hand.

    “Listen closer,” she said.

    I did, but all I heard was more static.

    “Soon, they will come,” she said. “They will come to take me away.”

    This freaked me out a little, and I went home. I told my mom and dad about what happened, but they didn’t think it was that weird.

    I kept thinking about it. One night I couldn’t sleep so I buzzed my friend Abby on our walkie talkies. She lived across the street, and she somehow she knew all about 89.1. She told me it was an old legend in our town, and you needed two things to explore the legend further: a radio, and a closet with the door slightly open. Face away from the closet, tune in to 89.1, and listen very closely. At some point through the static, you’ll hear the faint sounds of an organ, distant screams, and the dragging of metal chains along a gravelly surface. The open doorway is an invitation - keep your eyes closed, and only if you keep your eyes closed - a figure will appear and drag you into the closet. From there, your fate is unknown.

    “How do you know this?” I asked.

    “I’ve heard about it,” she said. “Don’t tell anyone. The less people that know, the better.” I looked out my window and saw Abby in her bedroom. She put her finger u


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