Has he lost interest (lengthy)?

So i've been talking to a guy for a few months now
at first we talked here & there, then it got to the point where he called on a regular basis.(i'd call him sometimes but he'd usually call me before i'd get the chance to call him) that suddenly stopped but we still texted. then it got to an awkward stage where i had to initiate conversation every time we spoke-which is uncomfortable for me. 50/50 is where i prefer it, lol
Occasionally he falls off the face of the earth & doesn't text me for like 2-3 days/sometimes read & never replies or doesn't even open it for a day or 2, then later picks back up & starts a conversation & everything seems normal again.
we live far away so we can't just hang out, but he often talks about how he likes me and stuff and has gone as far as asking me "are you mine" and things among the lines of if i wanted to be, i just told him that i wanted to wait to decide that but that i did like him (i wanted to wait bc i'd only known him for like a month)
he hasn't really brought it back up but he says im his and i don't deny it, but then he just disappears and stuff. is he just throwing around words or?
it's just odd that he won't text back but will be on social media/watch my snap stories and stuff. and i can't help overthinking this situation.


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  • yes he did

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