Me and my girlfriend have a kid and we have been getting in some arguments recently, The kid won't understand what's going on right?

We're both 23 and have a 2 year old. So our main argument is that i don't spend that much time with our son and i tell her that i have to work to make us some moeny. When i do have time to spend with them me and my girlfriend get into angument over wheather or not the baby understand us arguing or words or yelling lol (yes i know it's funny). I keep telling her, whatever we do, or say the kid won't understand if i swear and so on, she says otherwise.

Well my question is #1... Should i spend more time with them or make money for them? She always tells me "just take one day off and take us to the park or somewhere fun!"
Question #2... The kid doesn't understand anything right now right?

P. S. My girlfriend does know way more than me about children but this is what i think lol


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  • One day won't kill your paycheck. It's awesome you're so dedicated to providing for them, but you should definitely spend some extra time with your family.

    And while toddlers can't exactly understand your curse words, he certainly will repeat them!

    • i do not swear around him all the time, maybe one time by mistake. my girlfriend always gives me a look when i do it. I make $30 an hour and i grew up poor so every dollar really counts for me. Losing $240 in a day is a lot for me. But i guess ONE day to take them out would be ok. I want to make sure my son doesn't have such a rough childhood like i did.

  • Yes. A day won't kill you.
    And yes it does understand. Stop swearing around your kid! What kind of a dad are you?

    • hold on now, i don't swear around him all the time. Maybe like once around him. I don't mean it, but my girlfriend always gives me a look when i do it. I mean i get paid $30 an hour and that is very good, missing one is losing $240. I grew up younger with no money at all and value money a lot. I work hard and dont want to miss a single day and im doing it for my son and girlfriend. I could however miss Sunday so i can take them out somewhere.

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    • All i can tell you is to spend more time with your family. Take a day off or at least work half time on the weekends. And don't neglect your girlfriend. I know not having money is the worst but i personally would spend a few dollars less if it meant for my guy to have some time for me.

    • well i mean she does always say she misses me and what not. I been doing this now for 9 months and I don't know i do feel she is getting fed up with me :/ she is always with our son but when my son see's me he always happy so that makes me happy. Well i guess i could take one Sunday off then the other part time and repeat just so i have time to spend with them. I never really went on a day trip thing with them to be honest. We just walk around the neighborhood, that is it. Any suggestions where or what we can do?

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