Do you know that Asians are from bushman and Europeans are from Asians?

You can watch dna study about our origins in YouTube. The documentary program is called 'a jurney of a man'


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  • You're talking about Spencer Wells' The Journey of Man. It's not quite what you said because the way "Asian" is interpreted is as in what we used to say as Oriental (like Chinese or Japanese). What Wells did was find a guy in Mongolia who has the most common DNA of all humans and he explained the likely migration paths of the human species. However, that may not entirely be the story because no one is exactly sure what happened to the Neanderthals. The came from a different migration from Africa. Many likely interbred with Homo Sapiens Sapiens (us), so that makes things more complex...


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  • Yes, bushmen were the people from whom all others derived, according to mitochondrial dna evidence; they made all of the races: no other group of people have nappy hair, slender eyelids and mocha skin all in one.

  • Yes, Europeans are more evolved.

  • We're all from Africa

    • I'm not too pleased with some of the things you've been posting by the way, please refrain from trolling

    • You too

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