Which one would you choose if you were me?

Ok, so I have choose between these two things right now and it's a really hard decision. So, act like you're me for a minute ok people :) Ok, just say you're mom said that you had a choice between going to the homecoming dance or go to the fair. You have never been to a homecoming dance so this is going to be your first time going to something BIG. Although, someone has to pick you at up from the dance around 6:00 or you may not attend another social activity and you're scared that you're going to be stuck up there at your school. OR, you can go to the fair that you have always went to since you were little and you have always enjoyed it. So, which one would you choose if you were me. Our homecoming dance is on this Tuesday, October 15th and my mom has to sign a paper saying that I want to go if I want to. Please don't say that it's my choice because I know it's my choice I just want to know which one you would choose. @Paris13 , @scuff1986 , @smahala1991 and @Applefan1 can you answer this one too please, I need extreme help D:

  • I would take a chance and go to the homecoming dance.
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  • I would just go to the fair.
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  • I would go to the homecoming dance. So is this someone coming to pick you up and take you to the dance at 6pm?

    • No, it's my brother, lol I wish though

    • Wait I meant yes, my brother is gonna pick me up

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  • @Ashely_Princess, if there is not a chance for another romance with No date or mate right now, Tuesday is coming around the cozy corner, then go to the Fair, have fun, don't miss out on That event.
    Today is Friday, you haven't been asked, for you just got out of a relationship, and it is still new to many guys who may have their own tries.
    Good luck, hope you see this in time, sweetie. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

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    • @Paris13 .. Hmmm.. I suppose it is possible.. But somehow I doubt that.. Call it my woman's intuition, for I tend to think this has been her choice.

    • @SolitaireBond Maybe she secretly had a problem with someone on here and didn't wanna say. I know I was told one time she had a fall out a few weeks back with someone on here but it passed and maybe bored too on here after awhile, who knows.. she hasn't posted lately a lot of Posts in which she used to ask me to look at them but somehow, it is just a sad day. xx

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  • 15th of October was yesterday 😶

    Anyways, I'd go to the homecoming (tho I honestly never attended one). Experience something new. You can always go to the fair next year, or the year after next - there's plenty more chances to go to the fair. Enjoy yourself nonetheless.

    • Oh yeah lol I didn't notice that, I meant October 20th lol but thanks for answering

  • Go to homecoming. Experience something new. You've done the fair many times. You'll have fun at homecoming.