This Psycho is harrassing me?

This man I put a case on, i think he hacked my computer and sees my activity.. i am in india.. this man is a bastard i want him to die.. he had hacked into my FB before too , now i think he has done it again and may send messages to my friends. i want to know what are some of the ways i can get this man caught !! i am seriously harassed.. i deactivate my profile. but i think he somehow gets password to my FB.. i have set it all to private.. please help !!


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  • You can approach police cyber cell and file a complaint for harassment, after which they'll trace the source of attacks and find the culprit.
    From your side, install anti-virus/malware programs with internet security features. I have a feeling he may have planted key-loggers in your computer.

    • :( i am in navi mumbai... they took money from him.. i approached bandra cel.. they r checking on fake profiles

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    • only dikhava.. no work

    • That's sad, I guess all they focus on is anti-terrorism activities and forget about us citizens.

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  • Try replacing all of your computer hardware and setting up a new internet/wifi connection.

  • There's probably some sort of malware on your computer that let's him get all your information.


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