Middle-class extremism in the West?

Why is it considered "OK" to tweet #killallwhitemen / #killallmen, but not to tweet #killallwomen?

Neither are good tweets, let me make that clar, but what is it with this witch-hunt against men in the West?

Heterosexuality is indeed being demonised just because a handful of Feminists are against male sexuality and female nudity.


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  • ... feminism is getting out of control, and the majority of the women who are self-proclaimed "feminists" are just women who want to hate on men.

    • True.

      According to national statistics in the US, the number of women who considered themselves "Feminist" has dropped from 22 to 18 per cent.

      Shows that it's dying.

  • That last paragraph was kind of a non sequitur. But you're right about there being a gender war and men being seen as the bad guys.

    • No it does follow.

      The woman who started the #killallwhitemen hashtag wasn't allowing straight, white men into her meeting... she is against heterosexuality and demonises it.

    • Your right. Just could have used some more transition material/ explain a bit more.

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