Are there guys out there that actually likes body hair?

Are there guys put there that either likes or doesn't mind body hair?

My Mother didn't start waxing before she was 40 aka almost 20 years after she married my father! And according to her she never had any complaints. .

I would love to date a guy Who didn't mind hair.. is this realistic or is it impossible in todays world?


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  • you talkin' about that peach fuzz?

    • Well no.. not really.. I dont look like an italian dude, , but my hairs are dark and im more hairy then most girls I know

    • well, regardless of hair color, all girls have hair all over their body, its normal and natural. I don't mind it.

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  • I personally don't like it on me. I can't shave everyday so I wax. It only hurts the first time and then I do my own touch up waxing with cold wax strips from Sally's. It grows back really thin and is t worth $80 to go back to the salon every month.

    Most men don't mind if you keep it trim but I just feel cleaner with little to nothing.

    • Im talking about hair Everywhere.. im not going to trim my arm hair lol I can trim down there, but I would love not to have to shave or was regulary

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    • Not that much.. but I have gotten one comment about it once.. if I compare myself to my friends I do have a lot.. but its ok.. guys aren't dating me for my arm hair Anyway lol

    • I would t worry about it.

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  • I like everything natural

    • Even armpits and legs?

    • Yes I don't understand why people think its gross. It's natural. We're supposed to have hair

    • I agree! ! You give me hope! !


    • What is bushy or not hairy? AND do you mean hair Everywhere?

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    • Lol your boy friend likes body hair? YEa but keep your hair under 2 inches please or even under 1 inch

    • No.. but I hope that my future boyfriend would either like it or at least wouldn't mind it.. im in for trimming but It would most optimal would be to not was or shave at all...

  • I don't like body hair on girls I like them to have a soft skin

  • As long as her legs aren't hairier than mine I'm OK with it. I don't mind armpit hair and I prefer trimed pubic hait to shaved.

    I draw the line at facial hair though, no mustaches, not even faint ones.

    • I dont like mustaches or bushy eyebrows either!

    • I don't mind relatively heavy eyebrows on a girl. No unibrows though.

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