Have you ever regretted being friendly to someone you don't really know?

Well I was being friendly to this girl at work. She is new and from my city, and though I didn't really like her in the past because I thought she was arrogant and moody, I decided to give her a chance hoping I change my first impression- and also because she was trying to be closer.

So we met for lunch and I really regretted it. She was not rude or anything but I felt she was asking me questions about me and barely saying anything about her. Also, her way of talking shows she is moody. It's like she can get mad at any time. I don't know exactly what's the thing, but I just was an idiot by trying to be friendly with her.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?


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  • I let someone use my travel charger to charge their phone last weekend and she ended up stealing my cord. I'd like to think it was on accident but part of me thinks it wasn't.