Which Guitar looks aesthetically good?

Which Guitar looks aesthetically good?

  • 1st White one
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  • 2nd Black one
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  • I am gonna buy the black one!


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  • A reluctant A from me. The white will show the wear and tear a lot faster and more noticeably, but it goes with any style, any outfit, and really stands out on stage. B is very specific in its look; very 50s in a way, very angular. It seems intended to go with a certain look--clean cut, glasses, Brooklyn, trendy, coffeehouse. B can't leave before it remembers where it put that iPhone and the cinnamon latte. A's out to fuck some shit up. :)

    • When you say angular are you talking about shape? Because they have both the same shape, except one is a flat body and the other is curved. Anyway thanks for your comment!

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    • o ok, i own the white but i feel like i should have got the black at least people seem to like my guitar hehe

    • Well you can always get a second guitar, maybe a black one if you like, and having a different silhouette (and sound) would be better than doubling up on the same model, unless you're a touring or session musician.

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  • None I like an Explorer