Have you ever had a near death experience?

I've almost been electrocuted. I was a manager and ironically I was trying to prevent the children and the parents outside from the storm and this one lady refused to leave and I had to beg and beg her to come inside with her kids b/c there had been several lighting strikes and there was a lot of metal equiptment and water outside. Just as she'd gotten herself inside with her kids, this crack of lightening came down. My vision went completely white and my body automatically reacted in fight or flight and somehow I ended up inside the door. Everyone inside screamed b/c it was so close and they thought I'd been hit, but somehow it missed me. I have also almost drowned when I was 6 at a pool party, and as a child, our car was T-boned by a driver not paying attention to the stop light, and as an adult I had a really bad case of Pneumonia where I thought I was done for and that took an insanely long time to recover from completely.


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  • One time I slipped on wet tile


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