Should I just go for it?

I just met a girl this past month in a class we both had together and she seems awesome. She's really pretty, smart, nice, and classy. She's like the first nice, genuinely classy girl I've ever met. However, I'm studying abroad until January so I'm not gonna see her for a while. I have her number and we both wished each other well for the next few months which was nice. She's also a senior whereas I am a junior so she will be off in the real world after this year, and even though I don't know her too well, I like her kind of a lot which is weird. She just comes off as being so sweet and cool, after I come back from my good time abroad I just might have to ask her to hang out and stuff and just see what she says. What's the worst that could happen, right? Something about girls who are actually respectful and classy really attracts me. I'm just so used to girls that are attractive being bitches, it gives me hope to learn that girls actually can be nice sometimes. And even if nothing happens between her and I, she at the very least taught me to keep my standards high and try to spend more time with girls like her.


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  • Yes you should just go for it


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