Does he think I'm dumb?

One of my relatives withdrew me from a top program, (one of the best in the world), in Business.

Then he told me to go to community college and take a course there.

Is that old piece of shit crazy? Actually though.


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  • He sounds retarded to me... why would he do that unless he thinks ur mentally retarded as well...

    • He's a doctor.

      If I was 'mentally retarded,' how did I get in to begin with?

      He went right up to the director and said, 'Yeah I don't think she should go here, you know she likes poetry, blah blah.' I was sitting there thinking... you did not just do that. Are you FUCKING INSANE?

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    • The program was something I put in 2 years of my life to get into. Not joking.

    • Go tell him how hard you worked to get accepted into this program. Also let him know you truly enjoy studying business and its the path you wish to take. Something tells me that he believes you are not enjoying studying business.

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