Sex positions for beginner?

I'm quite scared that I won't find the hole and I don't know why haha :)

What are some best positions to have sex with girl for beginners?


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  • That you won't find the hole? How can you not find the hole dude? That's like saying you can't find your dick to piss.

    The best positions would just be simple ones. Not the variants.

    • haha actually because it happened to me. Before when I had first experience with sex I fucked in bushes and it was dark plus there were also rocks. Worst experience ever :D

    • Hopefully with this girl you won't be in the bushes lol. Besides the girl should realize that it's dark and hard to see. She shouldn't flip out about that.

  • Missionary dude

    • and then next position her on top?

    • yup or what ever she wants

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