I dont have best friend, what si wrong with me?

When i analyse my friends and friendships over the years i have noticed that i haven't really had close friends for more than 7 years (combined) and im sitting here soon 21 and dont have a best friend, and its difficult to not ask the question "what is wrong with me, why dont i have a best friend?".

I will care a lot to being with, but it will slowly stop. One example is my latest best friend. We had know eacother since kindergarden , but w didn't really become best friends before 7th grade.

M latest best friend was my world basically for 5-6 of the years we were best friends. I was really insecure and shy (and dependent basically), she was the oposit and she was the one that "intrudced me to the world" you could say. But afte those years i just slowsly started to get indifferent about our relationship, i also realised how emtionally ustable she was and how she always made me look like the bad guy, if she did something it was ok, but when i did it wad becaue i was a slefish person.

It came to a point where i didn't miss her, i didn't really care if we hung out or not.. i wasn't glad to see her or anyhting. Long story short after our last fight, and not talking for months, she messaged me, and i didn't want to tell teh truth (that i didn't care) and preteding to be her friend would only be fake so i broke it off.

While i was friends with her, i made another really close friends.. but i was very insecure and, i dont blame her for cutting it off to say it like that. I have manged to make new friends, but i still haven't met someone im comfortable telling my true feelings, so it happens that thing bottle opp.. i do have my sisters, but it would be nice with a new best friend.

And that caring a lot and then just slowly not caring kinda bothers me.. i feel like a crappy person for no caring.. but if the feeling isn't there im not goin to pretend, right? Any advice? i dont know what to do


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  • I don't have a best friend either. I used to. But he fucked me over pretty good by not keeping his end of a deal we had made so I did what I had to do. Plus after he married he just wasn't the same person anymore. I do miss hanging out with him but I wouldn't want to be like we were because I just wouldn't trust him that much, ya know?
    Anyways, I get how you feel. I don't trust easily but it would be nice to have a guy friend I could trust like that again


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  • I don't have a best friend either. It is sometimes lonely but as long as you have a few people to support you you will be fine. I hope u get a best friend though.


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  • You get bored easily with your friendships?

    I just find it weird why you base a friendship on your feelings. Feelings fluctuate and know it right?

    Start looking at your next best friend as a family member. Maybe then, you will appreciate your bestie more. Do remember to hang out often too!

    • i dont get boerd easly... And i dont base my friendship on my feelings, but with my latest best friend i had the feeling of "indifferentness" lastes for 2 years.. in addition it was impossible to communicate with her when the subject critized her in any shape or form.. So it was difficult if not impossible to resolve it, because i didn't really get the chance to tell her how i really felt without her blowing up.. I dont think that is a helathy relationship.. but thats just me

      And i could try...

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