Would you move to a town where you know nobody at 22?

Start fresh.. Go to college there? I can't afford southern california anymore. Been going to community college here for a year and I still have another year till university. I wanted to move to a little dirt cheap mountain and finish my community college courses up there then transfer to university of my choosing. How lonely would that be though to move to a town where you know nobody. I don't know if I could meet a lot of people at community college. I would have a job over there. Would you do it.. or just find a way to last another year out here in socal.


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  • I did exactly that at 19. If you are confident in your ability to introduce yourself to others and get out of your comfort zone then it's the best thing for you in my opinion.

    • I don't know man I'm pretty lost tbh. You look like your a bodybuilder too. All I do is train and go to school man. Not getting laid and j don't go out a lot.

    • Well for the record I was super skinny when I was 19. You can do it just get out of your bubble!

  • I moved to the city I'm at now for college knowing ONE person, and we never hung out in high school and still don't today. I met tons of people now, as it's college, so I think you'll be fine.