Can I adopt my little sister?

My mother kicked us out, I am 20, my little sister is currently with her dad for the weekend, he drinks and drives with her in the car and it's a daily occurance, can I adopt her if my mom has kicked her out to live with her dad? Her dad is never home so she is home alone and he room mates with older men.


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  • I am pretty sure you can :) but I think you have to be married first I am not entirely sure.


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  • You can, but you have to get them to sign over their parental rights, and you have to have enough money to take care of you both.

    • Both of them are indangering her?
      Him with drunk driving just being drunk over all and my mom I guess abandoned her with a drunk?

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    • True, I should know that <-<
      Okay thank you

    • Any time my friend.

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