Hammurabi's Code interpretation help?

Hello :) Just wanted to ask for help regarding Hammurabi's Code. Basically our instructor asked what the underlying theme is for the code and how it's biased. I think I have an idea but I'm not entirely sure since it's quite lengthy, lol :) Let me know if this is correct: The people who are considered "superior" are always the ones who are compensated for something, even if the blame should be put on the owner himself? For example, the owner of a farm versus the person doing work on the farm. Or the case of husband and wife, she is always the one to make amends even if her husband is in the wrong? The instructor asked regarding:

1) The state and the management of the means of production
2) The state and the management of commerce or the relationship between buyers and sellers.
3) The state and the relationship between men and women or husbands and wives.
4) The relationship between fathers and their children
5) Social economic status and the administration of justice. Was justic blind regarding all of the above? Let me know also if I'm on the right track :) Thanks sooooooo much for your help :)


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  • Pay attention in class next time

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