Why am I sooo irritable on the weekend?

But at work I feel so refreshed and lively. Could it be something to do with my sleep pattern? ... on a work day I'm up early and therefore way more alert. Whereas when it'd a weekend I'm waking up later and it makes me groggy?

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  • It's because of the "Nowhere to go, no one to see" syndrome. If you don't have anything planned you don't have the urge to actually get up and do something, which leads to you sleeping in and doing nothing all day which can be boring. If you're an extroverted person (and from the sounds of it you are) being in that type of situation drains you.

    • But sometimes even if there's somewhere to go, I'm still irritable :/

    • Maybe you're just one of those people who are happy when you're busy because your personality suits that of a work oriented person.

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  • Because you turn off the fake happy face that chuckles at every joke when you're away from work. I'm like that.

    • Its not fake. Its genuine happiness.

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