What is the difference between a crush and a state of awkwardness?

I used to crush on a guy at my church cause he was really religious and I always felt like I was unworthy around him. Now he has a girlfriend and I have crushed on somebody else for around 4 - 6 months now but for some reason I still feel very insecure and uncomfortable around the religious guy. It's not a kind of excited "I feel so happy" kind of feeling - its more of a - I just got caught cheating on a test by a professor - type of feeling. Like total embarassment and the desire to hide myself from him. When I see him, my first instinct is to hide myself so I can't be seen and sometimes that is impossible because I am out the open but I am NOT attracted to him - so why do I feel so insecure around him? I don't know why I feel this way.


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  • -religious guy, felt unworthy around him
    -crush for a bit
    -he now has a girlfriend

    I think you just still feel unworthy around him, because he is so religious compared to you. Now that he has a girlfriend, you may have felt like you weren't worthy enough to be that girlfriend of his (keeping in mind you had a crush on him at that stage). Maybe you feel like you lack something, hence the insecurity. That you aren't good enough.

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