Your car fuel tank?

What is your fuel tank size?

Mine is 23 gallons, i was a little bit shocked cause I thought it was only 10-15 gallons and i think its a sedan so it will probably be as much as my moms minivans. I never knew this cause I never buy gas my driver always do this for me :S

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  • I think it's 13 gallons or so. Acura Integra. I usually fill it after 300 miles.


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  • 12 gallons.
    If you're American and don't know what a gallon should be, that's a bit over 14 - which is fairly small, but again it's not an American car, so it does more than 10mpg...

  • Mine is only 13, but since my car gets over 35 mpg, that goes a long way


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