Do you think I'll pass this saliva test?

I generally smoke weed every couple of months. But last week I smoked everyday.
The last time I smoked was Monday and then this Saturday I had a saliva test. (5 days later)

I weigh 105 pounds. Before the test I drank a lot of water, ate, brushed the inside of my cheeks and my teeth, and chewed gum.

Most sources say it will only last for 2-3 days but it depends on frequency of use and amount and man I smoked a lot last week.

If it makes any difference at all I mostly smoked bowls but one or two blunts.


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  • they can still see it 21 days after last use if they want to.

    • Not with saliva, that much I know is true. Urine yes if you smoke a lot.

    • OK you are right, but if they did go to urine then 21 days is correct. Just sayin' because in the future they might switch to that so be forewarned. by the way i think the laws against Marijuana are totally unjust and double-standard because drunk driking kills and weed thrills. Alcohol killed 5 of my family members and the rest of us who smoke or smoked weed never had any issues.

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